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Company - Mission

Since the establishment of Diesel Mecanica in 2007, the mission of the company has been to provide clients with the best available propulsion system or energy solution that matches with the budget and expectations of the client.

Diesel Mecanica defines the best available propulsion system or energy solution in terms of: the largest return on investment, minimal expenses on maintenance, and the shortest downtime during the lifespan of the propulsion system or energy solution.

In order to succeed in this mission Diesel Mecanica applies a business strategy that consists out of three elements: only proven high quality products are being used, everything is organised in a way to provide fast services, and last, but definitely not least, personal contact with our clients.

Quality products

Quality products Thanks to many years of experience with marine auxiliary and propulsions engines, as well as with gearboxes and generator sets, Diesel Mecanica is more than aware of the importance of using high quality products. Therefore, components used by DM are your guarantee of quality.

Quick service

The mechanics of Diesel Mecanica are well educated. Together with our large stock of spare parts, generator sets and engines, DM can always help you out in a short period of time. For instance, we are able to handle a complete repowering project within two to six weeks.

Personal contact

Personal contact between Diesel Mecanica and clients is the corner stone of all our business relations. We are proud that we serve most of our clients already for many years.
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