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Diesel Mecanica, together with Antwerp Diesel Repair, developed a high quality coolant to protect the cooling system of your diesel engine against frost and corrosion. The provided protection depends on the mixing ratio. The product is available in a premix, or as a ready to use liquid. For both types the available units are a can of 20 litre or an IBC of 1000 litre.


Corrosion damages important parts of the engine and therefore has a strong negative affect on the life span of your engine. Thanks to the unique additives - based on organic fatty acid technology - MXLI offers a powerful protection against corrosion.


When it freezes engine damage can occur because water expands. This can be easily prevented by the use of a good frost protector. MXLI offers this protection to -20 degrees.


Cavitation damage is one of the most expensive engine problems. Unnoticed essential engine parts are corroding by the cooling water. This can be prevented by the use of a high quality coolant.
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