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In 2020 the new NRMM EU STAGE V emission regulations will take effect for inland shipping in Europe. Diesel Mecanica, Authorized Marine Caterpillar dealer, together with it sister companies Antwerp Diesel Repair (Belgium) and Yerseke Engine Services (The Netherlands), successfully developed an emission system which meets all requirements of the NRMM EU STAGE V for CCR-1 and CCR 2 engines, plus older ship engines above 570 kW.

In response to the concerns of costumers about the implications of the new regulations for their businesses, Diesel Mecanica, in cooperation with maritime emission specialist DISCOM, took the initiative to develop this complete, maintenance-friendly and straight-forward emission system for Caterpillar equipped inland-waterway vessels.

In July 2017 the newly developed emission system was tested by the specialized company "Pro Monitoring” from Barneveld, The Netherlands, in association with The Arnhem-Nijmegen University, also from the Netherlands. These tests were completely supervised by Bureau Veritas Paris.

For the test case a Caterpillar 3512C Propulsion Engine with 1044 BkW power at 1600 rpm was used, running on normal EN 590 fuel. The test was conducted according to the E3 Cycle. During the tests the required NOx standard of 1.8 grams/kWh was well met, while producing little ureum. A result that was in line with the developers expectations, because CCR-2 engines are designed to produce a small amount of NOx emission. However, a disadvantage of the design of CCR-2 engines is that it results in higher amounts of emission soot.

The newly developed emission system by DM and partners, solves this problem by the use of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The test results showed that the emission of soot and particular matter was far below the 2020 standards. The DPF does not use an afterburner and is designed for a 10.000 hours maintenance interval.

The special management and control system developed by DM, measures, among many other things, the temperature, back pressure and NOx emission at different times. Based on the collected data the system warns if something is wrong, or when the filter needs to be replaced. Replacing the filter is an easy and straight forward process. The old filter can be removed, and replaced by new own easily. Replacing the filter is almost similar like replacing the cartridges of your printer. The old filter can be returned in the package of the new filter to Yerseke Engine Services. There, the old filter will be environmentally friendly cleaned for reuse.

The complete emission system, for new and used ship engines, is installed by Diesel Mecanica. Furthermore, DM takes care of the yearly on-board emission check, to be sure that the system is well-functioning and meets all requirements. And last but not least, all emission data can be checked out remotely. This data also made accessible for government to ensure full transparency.

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